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Customers, clients, parents and friends of Wiggly Willow,


Thank you all for your past support. Like you, we hoped to open the doors to welcome you back, but unfortunately, this has not been possible despite some of you kindly suggesting fundraising and several of us striving with Trevor to achieve a positive result. Since the departure of the founder and her husband who put a tremendous energy into Wiggly Willow, Mark and Trevor picked up the baton.


However, it subsequently became Trevor alone who has also supported WW with his time and funding. But the task has become taxing on his health, and one active Director of the Community Interest Company isn’t sufficient. So, what have we done? We have had a number of meetings and kept staff informed but with the Cafe not trading, they have understandably had to move on.

We are very grateful for their past work and enthusiasm to serve our customers and support of the Clubs and wish them all the best for their futures. We have engaged with other local bodies and several similar charities, including Bridget’s Cafe (Ware) and hft (Home Farm Trust). However, despite a lot of goodwill, none are able to divert from their own current projects to take on the Cafe. We are still exploring a link with Mudlarks (Hertford).

If any of you are able to travel to Ware or Hertford. Bridget’s or Mudlarks would be happy to see you. We can supply referral forms if needed. However, time is pressing on Wiggly Willow as bills still come in. Trevor has, with great sadness, had to surrender the Club lease and to move towards Wiggly Willow CIC ceasing to trade.

In handling the closure, we appreciate the support of several individuals and local solicitors, Stanley Tee. We will now seek to value and dispose of any assets and in the unlikely event of any surplus it will be donated to the Wiggly Willow Community Interest Company’s Asset Lock beneficiary, Children in Need.


Thank you for your support,

Team Wiggle Willow

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