3 hours

Perfect for those who want to learn basic signs ideal for baby sign and as an  good fun introduction to Makaton.

60 signs and symbols taught plus nursery rhymes and


19th february


August 5th 

9.30am -12.30am


Foundation Course 2 days

Official Makaton Course.  Ideal for anyone working with people with communication difficulties.  Includes manuals and pocket books of symbols and signs stages 1-4 plus "additional."

Makaton Certification.





£190 Lunch included

February 17th and 18th



April 2nd and 3rd

9.30 am 3.30 pm


May  1st and 2nd

9.30 am 3.30 pm


August 6th 7th 

9.30 3.30 

September 1st and 2nd 

9.30 3.30

Enhancement Course 3 Days

Must have completed the Foundation Course  first.  Includes manuals and pocket books for stages 5-8.  Very interactive and extensive training.  Ideal for anyone working with people with a communication difficulty and for those that would like to take their Makaton training to the next

level, (Tutor training).


£250 Lunch included


February 20th, 21st and 22nd



June 4th, 5th and 6th